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F O O T L O N G   S E A S O N

In 2020, Subway became the Official Sandwich of the NFL and they wanted to launch it in a big way. And what bigger way to launch than by getting the GOAT.

So we went and got Bill Belichick, in his first ever commercial appearance, as well as the Watt Family and Deion Sanders.

With only one day per celeb and covid protocols in place, we managed to create six TV spots, nine social & OLVs, a library of custom gifs and a SnapChat filter.

Before we even edited the spots, it had gone viral with images from the shoot lighting up twitter, Sports radio covering it (Boston sports radio spent 30 full minutes on it), and players speculating what is Bill up to.

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T H E   M A G I C   8   B I L L

As the coach with the most Super Bowl wins, Bill Belichick has made a lot of great calls. But not everyone has the GOAT on hand when they need to make a decision, so we put the better call in a ball, and created The Magic 8 Bill. A custom Magic 8 Ball featuring Bill’s famous advice.

They were available on eBay, but unsurprisingly, they sold out in a matter of hours.

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S O C I A L   P O S T S

It felt unfair to us that we can’t all share in the fun of having Bill judge us. So we created a library of BeliGifs, GIFs that you can use to respond and judge your friend’s bad food choices.

Autograph: Copywriter: Alexander Augustinos. Art Director: Declan Byrnes-Enoch