Manhattan Mini Storage | dentsu

T H E   M A N H A T T A N   M I N I S

The character of New York City is defined by the fact that it’s full of characters. And the city has space for all of them, no matter their gender, religion, ethnicity, beliefs or unique sexual predilections, there is space for all.

But while NYC might have space for everyone, no one has enough actual space. Not in our homes, our businesses, and especially not on the L train.

But MMS is here to help. Giving everyone access to the space they need to make room for what matters.

So in this campaign, we created a cast of 17 New York characters called the Manhattan Minis. Animated characters that reflect the quirky, bold, strange, beautiful and wonderful characters that make up the greatest city in the world.

Creative Directors: Jason & Alex
Copywriter: Kristi Knight, Kaitlin Bowen
Art Director: Maggie Watson, Carolyn Bowler

Design: Nel Sparkman
Character Design: YumYum