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Mtn Dew had a problem. Dew drinkers worried about sugar and calories didn’t want to switch to Diet Dew as they thought it didn’t have the kick of regular Dew and so they were dropping the brand altogether.
So we decided to reframe the word “diet” from the absence of something, to a whole menu of awesome stuff.

We launched the campaign immediately following the Super Bowl with “Dale Call.”

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T H E   D A L E   C A L L

Dale Call exploded on Twitter, with fans not only calling it the best ad on the Super Bowl (which technically it wasn’t) but also demanding to be able to buy the Dale Call.

So we gave them their wish, just in time for hunting season. Dale announced it on Twitter and promoted the Dale Call on the back of his NASCAR.

Dale Calls went on sale on Amazon and as a novelty – until they sold out immediately – and started reselling for hundreds of dollars on eBay.
Eventually we restocked and sold thousands of them, turning them into an icon for Dale Jr. and becoming a staple at NASCAR races. Dale even made a bunch of his own videos featuring the Dale Call. (They’re not the best videos in the world, but it’s cool that he loved the Dale Call that much.)

Not only did we end up selling a lot of Dale Calls, but we also sold a ton of Diet Dew and regular Dew, bucking an industry wide sales slump.

H O R S E  S H O W

Our follow-up to Dale Call pushed things even further.