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In 2020, Audible decided to completely change their business model, moving from a credit based system to an unlimited streaming model. They also vastly expanded their catalog to include not only audiobooks but also podcasts, original series, meditations, news, sleep stories and more.

As we looked at all of the unlimited content on offer, stories from the greatest authors of all time, podcasts by NBA stars, original theater from hip hop legends and meditations from pop stars, we realized that Audible was no longer just an app, it was The World’s Most Fascinating Place.

5 0   W A Y S   T O   A U D I B L E
One of the greatest things about Audible is how you can learn more while doing more. So we highlighted that in a series of fun social videos.

Group Creative Directors: Alex Taylor & Jason Stefanik
Copywriter: Kristi Knight
Art Director: Maggie Watson