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A L L  I S  R I G H T

The Week of Greatness is Foot Locker’s biggest sale of the year. But it was this film that took it from a sale to an event.
“All is Right” first debuted on Twitter and had racked up millions of Youtube views before it even hit the airwaves. Once it did, it took off in popular culture, getting talked about on the Today Show, CNN and ABC News. It made the front page of Mashable, New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix and came in #1 on TBS’s Funniest Commercials of the Year.

Years after this spot aired, it landed in the press again when Dennis Rodman became an unlikely go between for Kim Jong Un and the 45th President.

But what its real impact was for Foot Locker, where the Week of Greatness became an annual tradition, with a star studded ad every fall to get people excited. But it all started with Mike Tyson giving his old friend a small gift.

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